If you operate a closed-loop system, and/or plan to reuse your pallets over a long period of time, it pays to repair and maintain them to maximize their value. Of course you could do this yourself, but these days, businesses want to focus on their core business. Why not leave your pallet repair and reconditioning to the pallet experts at Avenel Pallet Company? We can be your service provider to keep YOUR pallets in good, working order.

Frequently, we can combine a repair program with a disposal program to take care of your unwanted and/or undesirable pallets. Avenel Pallet Company can pick up your used pallets, sort and inspect them, repair them as necessary, dispose of the unusable and unrepairable ones and keep your pallets maintained to your specification. Once repaired, we will keep them in inventory at our facility and then deliver them back to you when you need them—all for less money than you would pay to replace them or repair them yourself.

Pallets are a durable, re-usable resources, and we can help you get the most for your pallet dollar by putting your used pallets back into circulation.

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