Disposal & Recycling

Pallets are on their way to being one of the world’s most recycled items. Not only are companies getting credit from shareholders for recycling, many companies are actually saving money by recycling their used pallets, or by reconditioning their pallets as they become damaged.

We can pick up your unwanted pallets and repair or dispose of them. All of the wood and fasteners from your unwanted pallets will either be reused or recycled—keeping them our of landfills. We can dispose of your pallets for less money than it would cost with a waste management company, and you can rest assured that all of the materials will find a new home.

Many of our customers accumulate some unwanted or undesirable pallets on a regular basis, and these generally are placed in a dumpster and hauled away as trash to a landfill, filling several containers per week. Based on our experience, this is an expensive proposition as relatively few pallets can fit into a dumpster, even if carefully stacked and loaded, and local refuse collection firms charge at least $300-400 per container to haul this material away.

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